Thursday, September 18, 2008

stuck in traffic

Along the way home from work, I drove into some unexpected traffic. No one likes to be stuck in traffic. You waste time, gas, and for many people, puts you in a bad mood. As I sit in the mist of traffic, I begin to look around. I see the other drivers who have joined me in this contained abundance of cars we call traffic. Each driver I looked at seemed miserable. No smile on their face, no cheerful laughs, not even a little presence of happiness. Who could blame them, we were all stuck in TRAFFIC. However, in the middle of this miserable moment in time, I saw a yellow school bus inching its way through traffic. As it slowly passed me, I begin to see flailing hands coming out of the square windows. Smiling faces brighter than the yellow school bus. The bus was just full of happy kids excited about the trip they are taking. As they waved at me, I waved back with a smile on my face. It gave me a boost of happiness and changed my attitude instantly. And as they passed the other cars, the drivers seem to be feeling the same way. One by one, inch by inch, this yellow school bus drove though a pool of miserable people and spread a little bit of happiness in an unfortunate negative situation. This school bus full of kids where not thinking of changing the world and making it a better place, they were just happy, happy that they were going on a trip. That positive attitude, that positive emotion, seem to just disperse from the bus. It was hard not to get a little happy from a bus full of cheerful kids. This showed me the power of how you present yourself, the power of positivity, and how we can effect our surroundings because of it. So whenever I get stuck in traffic, I look in my rear view mirror, hoping for a big yellow school bus to pass me by and save me again from this miserable situation we call traffic.

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