Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping the Hope

I felt the love of a dysfunctional family. Early in this year, I was asked to help a friend and His family to move out of their house and back to their old house. Life is great, but their are still many cases where people struggle to get by financially, socially, physically, and mentally.Most people feel terrible and think very negatively about being in a situation of downgrading, and "not being enough." But on that day, in spite of a financial set back, a family showed great attitude, and a hope for a brighter future.
Success truly runs right through the dumpster. And the people who can endure the pain, and get past all the "trash" in life, a heaven on earth will embrace them all.
A broken family is a state of being; it's not permanent, because we can change how we are in the family. The path of life is long , and the bonds of between family can grow weak. But to bring forth the laughter and appreciation for each other when tough times and defeat is obvious, it makes me proud of others and humble to live life.
Even at the bottom of disappointments, they find a way to feel the winnings of life. In their family I saw hope, dreams, and the kind of love that endures hardship and goes from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
It was no genius, millionaire, or saint, but a dysfunctional family, that showed me a glimpse of true wealth and power of love.
Life by default is tough, when you do not pursue things with passion or get caught up working "someone else's plan." But always, we have the power now, to put your life first and make some worthy impact in history.

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Michael said...

Thanks for the love man. Like a great man once said,
"I only stand tall because I stand of the shoulders of giants." Friends are hard to come by, nowadays. I can honestly say that you are more than a friend; you are family. I consider you the brother I never had. Let me know if you put anymore stories up.

Mike Jaldon